RERA Compliance Training for Real Estate Professionals

Equip yourself with the knowledge of RERA compliance with our one-hour training program designed to help you understand the compliance issues and develop better systems and management to comply with the provisions of the Act.

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What is a Search Report of Property?

A Search Report of Property is a detailed investigation of the land you are planning to buy. It helps to ensure that the land is free from any legal disputes or encumbrances, and the ownership of the land is clear.

Importance of RERA Compliance

With the advent of RERA and its regulatory structure, adherence to its provisions is crucial for any real estate professional. RERA compliance demands transparency, objectivity, and professionalism, enhancing the accountability and liability of real estate developers.

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Benefits of RERA Compliance Training

Establishing a structured RERA compliance management system and process is essential for mitigating reputational risk. Our RERA compliance training program provides proper awareness and training, helping you develop a better system and management to comply with the provisions of the Act.

Who is the RERA Training Program For?

Our RERA training program is best suited for real estate developers and their teams, including accountants, engineers, advocates, sales & marketing, and project managers.

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What to Expect from the RERA Training Program?

Our one-hour RERA training program provides an overview of RERA compliance issues and how to develop better systems and management to comply with the provisions of the Act. Participants will receive a free RERA book along with the state rules.

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