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MahaRERA Project Registration

Committed to introducing impactful and enduring reforms, the MahaRERA Act aims to safeguard consumer interests within the Real Estate sector. The enactment of these transformative measures necessitates additional provisions such as ensuring transparency in the sale of plots, apartments, buildings, and related real estate transactions.

Why MahaRERA Registration is Essential for Developers in Maharashtra:

Legal Obligation: Selling, booking, or marketing a real estate project within Maharashtra without prior MahaRERA approval and registration is considered illegal. Compliance is not just important; it’s a legal mandate.

Visibility and Credibility: Registration provides a platform to showcase your project to the public and potential buyers, enhancing visibility and credibility in the market.

Foundation of Compliance: Your RERA Registration application serves as the foundation of your entire journey with the regulatory authority. Even minor errors in this crucial step can result in significant penalties—up to 10% of the project cost

At RERA Easy, we understand the gravity of MahaRERA registration. Our expertise and meticulous approach ensure that your registration process is streamlined, accurate, and compliant with all regulatory standards. We guide you through every step, safeguarding your project from costly errors and ensuring a smooth and legally sound registration process.

Don’t underestimate the significance of MahaRERA registration—it’s not just a legal obligation but a fundamental step in securing the success and credibility of your real estate project in Maharashtra.

RERA EASY: Simplifying RERA Compliance

At RERA Easy, we offer a suite of comprehensive services aimed at simplifying your RERA experience. We guide you through the entire process, ensuring a hassle-free and stress-free journey.


With a vast portfolio encompassing the handling of RERA Registration for over 1200 Real Estate Projects, our team comprises seasoned professionals—Chartered Accountants, Advocates, and Engineers. We shoulder the complete burden of MahaRERA Registration and RERA Compliance while also providing guidance to ensure your thorough understanding of the nuances of the RERA Act.

Critical Documentation: The significance of the requisite documents for MahaRERA Registration cannot be overstated. From proposed plans to the provision of uploading sanctioned plans, we provide our clients with exclusive access to categorized information required by the regulating authority, RERA.

Streamlined Processes: Once you’ve obtained sanctioned layout plans and a commencement certificate from the respective authority, our role begins. We take charge from there, assisting in certification and verification of land titles, drafting RERA-compliant allotment letters, Encumbrance declaration, Sale agreements, Engineers Certificates, CA Certificates providing estimated project costs, setting withdrawal limits from your designated RERA bank account, and a host of supplementary services integral to the complete MahaRERA Registration process.

At RERA Easy, our aim is to simplify and streamline the entire compliance process, ensuring that you navigate RERA requirements seamlessly.