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Legal Outsourcing Services

Optimize your legal compliance in real estate with RERA Outsourcing services from RERA Easy. Access expert guidance from registration through ongoing support. Streamline your path to success now!

In the changing world of real estate, keeping up with laws like RERA, GST, and others is essential. At RERAEasy, we provide expert legal outsourcing services to meet the needs of real estate businesses in Maharashtra.

Why Legal Outsourcing is Important


Post-sale services are crucial in real estate and are often where most legal issues arise. Poor management of these services can hurt a developer’s reputation and lead to lost clients. We help manage the entire process from when a customer books a property to society formation, defect liability, and maintenance, all following RERA rules. Our goal is to keep communication open between developers and clients to reduce the risk of disputes.


How We Help


Regular client interaction ensures transparency and reduces legal risks. Our team acts as a liaison, keeping clients updated and handling legal questions, allowing developers to focus on their main tasks.


Our Expertise


We have a team of experienced RERA lawyers and legal professionals ready to assist your organization. We handle everything from legal advice to documentation with precision and professionalism.

Our Services:

  • Legal Consultancy and Advice: We provide thorough guidance on local laws, stamp duty, licensing, and regulatory approvals, all in line with RERA.
  • Legal Documentation: We draft important legal documents like MoUs, Sale Deeds, and Transfer NOCs to ensure clarity and compliance.
  • Post-Sale Services: We manage client relationships, correspondence, and regulatory compliance to protect your reputation.
  • Client Interaction (Media-Based): We act as the main contact for buyers, providing updates, resolving legal queries, and handling legal notices.
  • Registration Service: We ensure your agreements are registered with the authorized registrar, minimizing effort from your side.
  • Title Verification and Diligent Title Search: We thoroughly check property titles to prevent future legal issues.
  • Litigation Management: Our skilled litigation team represents clients in court, ensuring effective resolution of legal disputes.
  • Arbitration and Negotiation: We offer alternative dispute resolution services to save time and costs associated with court cases.
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