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Legal Outsourcing

The series of reforms that the real estate industry and subsequently its stakeholders in India have undergone with the advent of RERA, GST regime, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, etc. demands edge-cutting expertise in the field of law and professional understanding of related subjects and reforms.

After-sale service is of vital importance and maximum legal disputes arise pertaining to the same. A bad managing of the post-sale service of the properties of a real estate will have a negative impact and might also result in significant loss of potential clients. The after-sales service journey should ideally begin the moment a customer books an apartment, and should continue till the mutually-agreed deadline for society formation, defect liability and maintenance as per the sale agreement, in compliance with RERA. This in turn requires the builder to be open to interaction with all its clients throughout the journey.

Interaction with clients is very essential as it not only helps to retain the transparency of the business but also reduce the probability of litigation. In addition, client conversations could act as corroborative evidence in case of any legal proceedings. We understand that being in regular touch with clients could be a problem for the builders because of other work commitments. RERA Easy could easily do that for you and help you retain your clientele base as well as allow the development of your brand name.

Having highly experienced Rera lawyers & Legal Team for your organization is no longer a mammoth task! Rera Easy offers for your service a personal legal manager, a legal executive and an expert, all 3 working for your company with seamless professionalism in addition to a supporting team of 15 professionals engaged with various fields of real estate transactions.


  1. Legal Consultancy and Advice:

    We provide you with thorough guidance through the entire course of the journey! Advice regarding application of local laws and stamp duty is also extended. As an integral part of this area of practice, we also advise on licensing and regulatory approvals required from government and statutory agencies. Our consultancy services are RERA abiding as it is the bible of real estate.

  2. Legal Documentation

    Drafting of transactional documents is very crucial as it is the basis for rights of parties in property. This process is also known as conveyancing. Drafting, therefore requires a correct conception of law connected with the document, a complete grasp of the facts and a good control over the language of the deed. Who better than RERA Easy to provide you with a compact service of conveyancing! We draft Allotment letters, MoUs, Sale deeds, Agreement for sale, Transfer NOC in case of alienation of property, affidavits etc.

  3. Post Sale services

    The post-sale service of properties for sale has a very important value for the real estate, which fans the firm´s goodwill. On the other hand, post-sale service of a real estate means organizational values, which generate positive synergies through the satisfied client who recommends the real estate´s services .We on behalf of the developer/builder take care of Client Management, Handling all correspondence with the client, following all regulations, keeping track on the demands and interest on the delayed payments, defect liability etc.

  4. Client Interaction (media based)

    RERA easy could act as the single Point of contact for buyers or investors keeping them Updated regarding the status of the work, and resolving legal queries. This would also include Drafting and Replying to Legal Notice and Queries of Buyers.

  5. Registration Service

    An agreement for sale is the promise of future ownership of a property thereby making the registration of such an agreement very vital for the deal. We make sure that your agreement is registered with the authorised registrar with next to zero effort from your side.

  6. Title Verification and diligent title search

    We don’t just certify title for formality basis, we verify the title and help you ascertain if you should buy the property or not. We provide elaborate service in checking the title of the land to be developed to forestall any unforeseen future litigation matters. We conduct online property search for 13/30 years, manual document search, checking for lien/encumbrances on such land, flow of titles and examination of chain deeds, checking enforceability of all requisite documents, applicability of laws of the land and physical verification of revenue records by visiting government offices.

  7. Assistance for handling and Managing Litigation in various courts

    In case any legal proceeding is initiated by any concerned party against the other, our litigation team can be availed to look into the matter and if need arises, deal with the case appropriately. It is not always possible for every firm to engage an in-house counsel and that is where RERA Easy emerges with an unparalleled team of lawyers to manage litigation matters in various courts.

  8. Arbitration and negotiation

    In case of disputes or discord between parties involved in the transaction of a real estate project/property, we understand that always going to legal forums for remedy can be cost intensive and time consuming. We therefore adorn your plates with our legal counsels who have time-honoured experience in arbitration and mediation relating to the domain of real estate.