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Drafting of Contracts for Real Estate Transactions

RERA Easy provides expert drafting of contracts between buyers, builders, and real estate agents to ensure that your rights are protected and liabilities are managed in case of any damages. Our contract forms guarantee your safety and protection, making sure that all parties are satisfied with the terms of the deal.

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What is Drafting of


Drafting of contracts refers to the process of creating a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. In the context of real estate transactions, this contract is signed between the buyer, builder, and real estate agent. The contract specifies the terms and conditions of the deal, including the payment details, the time period for payment, and other relevant clauses.

Why is Drafting of Contracts Important for

Real Estate Transactions?

The drafting of contracts is essential for real estate transactions to protect the rights of all parties involved. A well-drafted contract form ensures that all terms and conditions are clearly stated, preventing any disputes or misunderstandings in the future. With our expert contract drafting services, you can be assured of the safety and protection of your transaction.
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Benefits of Our

Contract Drafting Services

Our contract drafting services guarantee the protection of your rights and liabilities in any real estate transaction. Our team of experts will ensure that all clauses are clearly stated in the contract, avoiding any future disputes. With RERA Easy's contract drafting services, you can rest assured that your transaction will be secure and successful.
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How Our Contract Drafting

Process Works

Our contract drafting process is straightforward and efficient. First, we gather all the necessary information from you regarding the transaction. Our team of experts then drafts the contract form and presents it to you for review. We make sure that all clauses are clearly stated and easily understandable. Once you are satisfied with the terms and conditions, we finalize the contract and present it to all parties involved.
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