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Due Diligence of Property

Pre-Booking and Post-Booking

Pre-Booking Diligence and Post-Booking Diligence

“CAVEAT EMPTOR – Let the Buyer be aware!!!”


Buying a property is a big decision, and navigating the real estate world can be confusing. There can be a lot of paperwork with technical terms, and unfortunately, not everyone has good intentions. This can make it easy for unsuspecting buyers to get caught in scams.

That’s where RERA Easy comes in! We can help you throughout the entire property buying process, from start to finish. Our focus on due diligence of property ensures you’re making an informed decision.


Due diligence simply means carefully checking out the property before you buy it. This includes things like:


  • Reviewing legal documents: This confirms clear ownership and ensures there are no hidden surprises.
  • Getting a professional inspection: A qualified inspector will check the property’s condition to identify any potential problems.
  • Researching the neighborhood: Knowing the area’s reputation, amenities, and future development plans can give you a better understanding of the property’s value.

At RERA Easy, entrusting us with your entire property buying process ensures not only investment security but also expert assistance in negotiating with developers. Our focus on due diligence of property safeguards your interests.

Our services include hawk-eyed scrutiny of legal documents embodying rights of parties such as booking form, Allotment letter, AFS, sale deed, POA, loan agreements, tripartite, NOCs, Approvals, etc. and ensures that they are free of discrepancies or misrepresentations. Vetting is also important to attest that the documents have duly complied with RERA rules and regulations.

How do we do this?

We set up a 1-2-1 consultancy for you at every step, right from signing the booking letter to signing the possession letter. Connect with us today to find out more.