1. Consultancy

There is no stupid question, stupid people don't ask questions

Let’s walk you out of your dilemma! Talk with our experts and get answers to all your queries. We have an erudite team of experts from different fields to attend to your problems and answer queries related to the sale and purchase of real estate property and every intervention up to the time you are given possession of the property. Infact, there are many issues that could crop up even after delivery of possession and you might need professional guidance to resolve such problems

Our team of experts will provide you with the best solutions for such snags. All you need to do is follow some easy steps to book an appointment by clicking on the link below:

a) A telephonic consultancy for which we charge Rs. 1000 for 15 Minutes.

b) Video Conferencing for which we charge Rs. 2500 for 30 Minutes.

All you need to do is follow some easy steps to get an appointment with your experts. Please fill in the form given below and let us know about your query in short. We will contact you as per the scheduled appointment.

In case your thirst is not quenched, we gladly will refund the entire amount paid by you, no questions asked!

3. Pre-Booking Diligence and Post-Booking Diligence

CAVEAT EMPTOR - Let the Buyer be aware!!!

Most buyers are laymen with little acquaintance with the running of the real estate sector and the legal terminologies used in association with it. There are high chances that advantage is taken of the nescient buyers and a fraud goes undetected. To avert such a situation, RERA Easy provides hawk-eyed scrutiny of legal documents embodying rights of parties such as booking form, Allotment letter, AFS, sale deed, POA, loan agreements, tripartite, NOCs, Approvals, etc and ensures that they are free of discrepancies or misrepresentations. Vetting is also important to attest that the documents are duly complied with RERA rules and regulations.

Agreement is a Contract between the seller and buyer. It is very important to understand each and every clause of the agreement before signing it. We review your agreement and explicate the clauses for better understanding.

Perform a 1-2-1 consultancy for you at every step, right from signing the booking letter to signing the possession letter.

Believe grading of projects is also relative. This is the first time in India, where the Real Estate Projects are being graded. But, the grading might not be the same for all. It's a dynamic grading system. You tell us what you need and accordingly we grade the projects. We help you shortlist properties from amongst the deals and help you choose your perfect dream home!

We not only help you in selecting the right property, but also help you in ascertaining if the property selected by you is legally cleaner to buy and RERA complied.

4. Property inspection

Do you know that you have warranty period, even on your new house? As per RERA, a builder is liable to deliver the property as promised an Agreement for Sale and is liable for defects for a period of five years!!! Property investments are highly capital intensive and the slightest negligence in assiduity could cause great loss to the buyer. We offer diligent assistance to help you choose the right property as per your requirements and also conduct a property inspection so that we can alert you in case of any significant findings which could later invite trouble.

Is your Home healthy? According to statistics, 65% of the allotted have a complaint regarding the construction quality which they initially neglect and are later left with no options but to head to court or bear the costs of repairing on their own.

We check the veracity of advertisements that the builders flog for marketing purpose. We inspect the quality of materials used for the project, the standard of workmanship, measurement of carpet area and every other minute detail. Rera Easy has the best set of engineers to serve this purpose right from the foundation stage till the completion of the project. We notify you about every weeny detail just in the right time so that if there arises a need for you to withdraw from the project due to any defects or disadvantage as per our finding, you don’t lose much time or money.

If you do not get the property inspected, then issues may crop up in the future and by then you won't have any warranty left, and repairs would not only cause inconvenience but also cost you a huge amount in the future.

5. Carpet Area Verification

"Each Square Foot Matters"

Do you really get the area that you are paying for? Are you aware of the connotations of the terms ‘Built up area’, ‘Carpet area’ or ‘Super Built up area’? On the basis of which area are you making payments? 95% of residential flat buyers never physically measure the property at the time of receiving of possession of the flat. Don’t we inspect anything before we buy it? Yes, even the smallest things that we buy, we do it after inspecting it. And if we don’t like it after we buy, we simply return or replace it or ask for compensation. But when it comes to buying our dream home, we are so frustrated with the waiting period that by the time possession is offered, we do not want to see any snags in it. We have reached a mind-set that what's the use of looking into flaws when we cannot resolve it.Fortunately, you don't have to give up your hopes now!!!

RERA has revolutionized the real estate industry. You will be pleased to know that you will get interest and compensation not only for delayed possession, but also for reduction in Carpet Area as per the provision of law. We will physically inspect the property and let us assure you, you are going to earn atleast double the money that you will pay us if the area is less than what was promised. We will physically inspect the property and if the area is less than what was promised, we will ensure that you get refunded for the reduced area.

6. Litigations

We make efforts to resolve any complaints that our clients have through discussions and ensure that the dispute doesn’t reach the Court. It is the utmost ethical duty of an advocate to try to resolve the matter out of the Court and our team ensures that the matter is amicably resolved. However, in unfortunate event when the litigation was necessary, we have ensured justice for our clients. Our clients do not have to worry about the judicial procedures any more. We represent them before RERA Authorities and have successfully obtained favourable orders in less amount of time.

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