05 April, 2024/VOI. 2923

MahaRERA Registrations FY23-24:

Received 5,471 applications; approved 4,332 real estate projects.

Key Insights

  1. Leading Regions:
  • Pune: 1,172 approved projects.
  • Thane: 597 approved projects.
  • Mumbai Suburban: 528 approved projects.
  • Raigad: 450 approved projects.
  • Nagpur: 336 approved projects.
  • Nashik: 310 approved projects.


  1. Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) : had the highest number of new projects at 1,976.

  1. Western Maharashtra : 1,415 projects approved.
  1. Vidarbha: 437 projects approved, with Nagpur accounting for 336.
  1. Northern Maharashtra : 347 new projects, Nashik leading with 310.
  1. Marathwada : 149 new projects, with Aurangabad having 117.
  1. Additional Requirements: For Kalyan-Dombivali area, mandatory to get ‘Commencement Certificate’ (CC) for MahaRERA registration.
  1. Scrutiny Process : Projects scrutinized at three levels – legal, financial, and technical before approval.
  1. Pending Approvals : 1,139 projects still under scrutiny, awaiting error rectification for registration issuance.

Maharashtra RERA Takes Action: Cancels Home Buyers' Agreements in Pune

  • MahaRERA cancels home buyers’ agreements in Pune after developer complaint, citing failure to make timely payments, violating RERA Act.

  • This marks a significant shift as it’s the first instance where MahaRERA has cancelled home buyers’ agreements and instructed the registrar to take appropriate action.

  • Nine homebuyers instructed to cancel deeds by MahaRERA following complaint from GERA

  • Developments, citing partial payments and agreement non-compliance since 2019—2020. 

  • The nine apartments, averaging 1,000 sq ft each, with payments ranging from 10 to 20% since 2019, posed challenges for the developer in selling or receiving balance payments.

  • MahaRERA instructed homebuyers to execute cancellation deeds within 30 days; failure could lead to developer filing non-compliance applications fpr further action”.

  • Violation of Section 19(6) of the RERA ACT, mandating timely payments specified in the sale agreement, led to the cancellation of home buyers’ agreements accordings to MahaRERA.