04 April, 2024/Vol. 2900

Empowering Homebuyers: MahaRERA's Project Grading System

Introduction :

  • MahaRERA to launch project grading system to aid homebuyers in making informed decisions.
  • Grading based on four parameters: technical, financial, legal, and project overview.
  • Projects evaluated every six months to ensure alignment with construction progress.

Key Insights

Parameters for Evaluation :
  • Construction Quality: Assessing developer’s track record in construction, materials used, and adherence to regulations.


  • Environmental and Sustainability Factors: Considering project’s impact on environment, compliance with sustainability standards, and incorporation of energy-efficient measures.


  • Developer’s Track Record: Evaluating reputation, timely completion of projects, financial stability, and customer satisfaction.


  • Customer Feedback: Incorporating feedback from existing customers to assess satisfaction and address concerns.


Industry Experts’ Insights :

  • Suggestions for improvement include promptly updating grades, providing clear explanations for assessments, and implementing effective feedback mechanisms.


  • Recommendations for educating buyers on interpreting grades and establishing a fair appeals process for developers. 


Developers’ Perspectives :
  • Optimism regarding benefits of grading system, with suggestions to streamline data requirements and display project ratings prominently.


  • Overall, proactive approach fosters responsible practices and builds trust between buyers and developers.

Bridging the Gap: MahaRERA Mandates Builders' Bank Details

  • MahaRERA requires builders to disclose bank details in recovery warrants for streamlined dues recovery.


  • Direct access to builders’ accounts expedites dispute resolution, benefiting homebuyers and stakeholders.


  • The initiative underscores MahaRERA’s commitment to consumer protection and sector accountability.


  • Our firm stands as a reliable bridge between builders and authorities, ensuring compliance and efficient resolution.


  • Clients trust our expertise to navigate regulatory complexities, fostering confidence and reliability in Transactions.